Wedding Venues In Orange County

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A beautiful Southern California wedding will only happen to some of us once in a lifetime. And we all want it to be special and memorable – in a good way. We want them to remember the tearful exchange of vows, the breathtaking moment when the bride walked down the aisle, or how fun the dance routine performed by the entire wedding party. Surely we do not want people to remember our wedding day because of disastrous moments like everyone running off in different directions because of the sudden rain, or developing a rash because of insect bites, etc. When considering indoor wedding venues in Orange County, please keep the following thoughts in mind.

Brides and grooms naturally want the wedding to be safe and secured. Want the easiest solution? Consider indoor wedding venues in Orange County. Here, we list the advantages as well as disadvantages you can get when you choose to have your wedding ceremony and reception indoors.



One of the best amenities that will truly make a venue sell is the promise of comfort. It will also have even flooring which is important especially for the ladies since they have to wear high heels for this special occasion. An indoor venue will also guarantee comfortable seats for guests.

Year-round advantage

Another great thing about indoor wedding venues in Orange County is the assurance for a year-round aspect. It will provide warmth for chilly autumn and cold winter and will have built-in air conditioning when the summer is in.


There will be no need to worry about contingency plans like renting tents in case of sudden rain because the venue has a strong roof and sound walls. An indoor venue will also easily provide for air conditioning option and good ventilation so the guests will have no reason to sweat throughout the entire ceremony and reception.


An outdoor setting attracts bugs that might just get into your food or bite your guests causing rashes or allergy attacks. This is a rare problem for an indoor venue.
Continuous and consistent lighting. In an outdoor shoot, the photographers’ common problem is to constantly chase light. So they tend to rush the shoot or miss some shots due to running out of a good light. But with an indoor venue, the lighting is stable and incessant. You can also hire a professional to install LED or PAR lights in the venue for lighting effects making the ambiance more dramatic.


Sounds are more contained in an indoor setting so no reason to hire excessive sound system. Some venues even have sound proofing done in their walls so the sounds of one ballroom will not be heard on the venue next to it.


Limited decoration ideas

Since it’s indoor, decoration is somewhat minimal so the bride and groom must have it either elaborately styled if they have a certain theme to follow or just go with plain and simple.

Limited photo op

In outdoor Orange County wedding venues, guests can simple go around and take photos of themselves anywhere because picture-worthy backdrop is limitless.

Limited capacity

Indoor Orange County wedding venues will have limited capacity because the area will be enclosed which might pose as a problem if you plan to have a really big wedding.

Minimal activities

An indoor venue will have plenty of ground rules regarding activities that are allowed and prohibited so planning a program or some surprise for the guests like fireworks display, releasing of sky lanterns, even sparklers might be constrained.

Low ceiling (for some venues)

Some wedding venues in Orange County will have a low-ceiling, making it appear smaller and claustrophobic in pictures.

Create A Wedding Website

There are many tutorials that will walk you through how to create a wedding website.
the following steps need to be followed:

  • Open a web hosting account
  • Register a domain name
  • Install WordPress
  • Choose a WordPress wedding theme
  • Customize the theme
  • Upload your own photos

Once the framework of your new wedding website is up, you can keep your friends and family up-to-date by simply keeping your website updated. Most hosting accounts allow for you to host multiple domain names on one account.

You shouldn’t have to pay more than $10 a month for a good web hosting account. The domain name is usually around 20 bucks, so building a wedding website is pretty cheap. In fact, it’ll probably be the cheapest part of your entire wedding!

Beach Wedding Dresses

beach wedding dresses orange county wedding day
For the summer of 2014, there are many beach wedding dresses that are flying off the shelves. The chic and modern Sheath/Column A-Line/Princess dresses are proving to be the most popular dresses this summer. Regardless of who you order this wonderful dress from, make sure to place your order at least 6 to 8 weeks in advance to ensure there is plenty of time for the tailoring to be done correctly.

Unlike the typical skirt that falls from the waist, the skirt starts falling from below the bust line with the empire cut. With this cut you can give the impression of a full-length gown while the hemlines are off the sand. Attaching a train isn’t a very practical choice when you’re getting married on the beach. The empire style beach wedding dress is the best choice for it still makes the bride look splendid.

Most typical bridal dresses start to fall from the waist. With the 2014 beach wedding dresses, the skirt typically begins to fall just below the bust line with the A-Line dresses. The benefit of this cut is that the bride gets the impression of a full length dress, yet the hemline stays off the sand. A wedding train is not typically used for this type of dress. When searching for beach wedding dresses, please keep those issues in mind.

One of the top sites for searching for dresses in 2014 is “Here Comes The Bride” in San Diego California.

This is a short review from “Marlene” on the wedding dress she purchased in June 2014:
“I just wanted to let you know that the beach wedding dress I ordered arrived yesterday. I’m still shocked it got here so quickly. The dress is even more beautiful than I imagined! My wedding day is in July 2014, and I can hardly wait to wear it. The chart you included to help me find my proper measurements was very helpful. I appreciate how happy this wedding dress has made me:)”